Основната Причина Една Връзка Да Се Разпада

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Основната Причина Една Връзка Да Се Разпада

Разпад в отношенията и унищожаването на любовта. Кой е виновен?

Понякога дори комуникацията не ни помага в отношенията с партньора и със семейството ни. Във всяка статия, курс и от всеки ментор можете да чуете, че комуникацията е в основата на щастливите отношения. И това е самата истина, но преди комуникацията има един съществен фактор, който е отговорен за това ти и половинката ти да не „мелите заедно“. Защо се разпада една връзка? още

Marc as guest speaker at the Ukrainian WISE convention

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The stage was taken by the speaker from Belgium, Marc de Turck.
(An expert with 27 years of experience in the field of establishing business processes. Founder of a few companies, among which there are Ideas Free Boss, “Leadership and Innovation Center” and others.


His clients include such companies as Mazda, Toyota, Renoult, СPMG, DHL, DAEMON, CISCO, HITACHI, Johnson & Johnson, European offices of the insurance company group Alians, representatives of other businesses and companies as well as political leaders in different countries of the world, whom he has consulted on the matters of strategic planning, goals setting, company establishment, effective promotion, financial management).

Using colorful and practical examples, Mr. De Turk has demonstrated how one can use the organizing board for strategic planning. He explained in more detail the key duties of an executives, shed light on nuances and secrets of effective management. He gave a detailed explanation of certain tools from Hubbard Management System in such a way that even the “old-timers” have received a lot of valuable data and recommendations. Mark has voiced an idea that was unexpected for many business owners: what, in his opinion, is the difference between the owner and the founder! The founder creates a dream, goals and rules, and the owner provides financial means and ensures economic benefits. If you are both owner and founder, do not mix these functions with each other! Be sure to put some time into performing the founder functions: dream and involve others in your dreams. For example, the founder of Mercedes has given the company the goal, he created the first product, came up with rules. He is not among the living any longer, but his goals keep on existing, and they are known. The company group right now has owners who maintain and promote the dream as well as monitor financial state of the company. Ideal scene for the founder: continue to dream and create ideal scenes and dream that you dream will live forever.

Mark has also explained how one can use the technology about an “opinion” and a “fact” when working with employees, to increase their efficiency and to motivate them. Mark has given a log of examples showing what executives need to say and that they need to work only with facts and toss away opinions. He has underlined that very often executives are trapped in “opinions”.

Mark has underlined that a game should be the basis of each motivation. That creation of a game is not just a recommendation or a wish – it is the main duty of an executive. If there are no difficulties – there are no games. If people are arguing with each other and, therefore, there is no harmony, double their targets and goals. Because most people are good people, but when they start “focusing” on what they want to “be” too much, and not on what they want to produce, problems arise. Help people to be in harmony: to know they are producing and to love what they are producing!

Mark has also given the participants quite a few assignments that were supposed to be completed individually or in groups. The atmosphere in the hall was lively and fun. Mark has given a lot of real life examples involving others in his demonstrations.

At the end of the speech, the participants have wholeheartedly thanked Mark de Turk and Tatyana Tasits, founder of the English language schools Flash, who has ensured a marvellous translation of Mark’s seminar.



Kirov trilogy ends in apotheosis

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June 14 to 17th.  The Delovoy Business Club in Kirov, Russia  invited Marc J. de Turck to deliver 3 seminars on those days.

First seminar was about how to predict behavior via emotions. More than 40 managers followed the seminar on predicting human behavior so as to be able to recruit, evaluate and foresee the behavior of others.  Success guaranteed.
Local press of Kirov made a reportage.













Second seminar was about organisation.  More than 30 managers followed this strong seminar in organizing , using L.Ron Hubbards Organizing Board.   All will implement it soon and will present it to the Delovoy Club in Kirov.













The last day, Marc held his fameous Blue Ocean Strategy  workshop giving the attendees the opportunity to really think out of the box and to find new market niches.  All attendees as promised have at least one new idea for their products and services.
Interviews where recorded by the local Delovoy Club.













More info on our trainings: freeboss.eu




От Какво Зависи Прогреса в Бизнеса?

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От Какво Зависи Прогреса в Бизнеса?

Всяка фирма е вид организация и нейния прогрес е пряко свързан с един определен ресурс

Организация е „определен брой хора или групи, които имат специфични отговорности и които са заедно за изпълнението на дадени цели или работа. Те вървят заедно в някаква посока, с която повечето от тях са съгласни, което ще доведе до степен на прогрес, в която съгласието и формата им ще бъдат запазени и то до такава степен, която ще усъвършенства формата й, за да може да посрещне заплахите за съществуването си и да оцелее“. Това определение се използва в Мениджмънт Системата на Хъбард. още

What Is The Common Error When Breaking Into a New Market?

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What Is The Common Error When Breaking Into a New Market?

You have an idea and want to convert it in to a product or service and with it breaking into a new market.

Great! Don’t forget that entering a new market is like starting from zero. още

Greek managers learn the basics of organising in Athens.

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Athens, March 20th 2018, Sergio Mazarakis, Andonis Bogdanos and Gianna Papdakis invited Marc de Turck again in Athens, this time for a seminar on organizing.








More than 70 managers attended the seminar and are ready to stably expand thanks to the L.Ron Hubbard’s Org Board Technology.


Footage available with Sergio Mazarakis.

More info at freeboss.eu.


Permanent Make-Up Professionals learn how to postively control emotions.

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Athens, March 19th 2018, Plaza Hotel.

The organisers of the first International Beauty Blossom Congress  – Nathalie Babenko – invited different professionals in Permanent Make-Up (PMU)  from all over the world.

Marc de Turck as professional in using emotions in business and especially in Beauty Salons was also invited to speak.






More than 60 PMU professionals followed how to use emotions to know your clients-patients as well as how to use emotions to handle difficult situations.

More info http://www.freeboss.eu



What Is The Main Reason For Bad Communication?

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What Is The Main Reason For Bad Communication?

Many people try to use different techniques and strategies in their communication while forgetting about the main cause of bad communication.


В Кого Се Вслушваш?

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В Кого Се Вслушваш?

Много хора се обръщат към приятелите си за съвет когато достигнат до момента на взимане на решение. Те се лутат между „ще го направя“и „по-добре не“. още

Как Да Се Справите Със Служителите „Роботи“?

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Как Да Се Справите Със Служителите „Роботи“?

Много мениджъри се оплакват от служителите си, като казват, че са като роботи. Задействат се само когато им наредиш.

Под служител „робот“ се има предвид служителят, който бяга от отговорност и работи само когато получи нареждания и задачи за изпълнение. При този вид служители липсва инициатива. още