What Is The Main Reason For Bad Communication?

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What Is The Main Reason For Bad Communication?

Many people try to use different techniques and strategies in their communication while forgetting about the main cause of bad communication.

Marc De Turck explained all the reasons for poor communication and solutions to them at his seminar on effective communication. The main reason many people forget is listening. The mistake of many of us is that we interrupt our interlocutor, react and think what to answer as he speaks. This leads to poor communication, misunderstanding, stress and dissatisfaction. Misunderstanding can cause mistakes. These consequences affect many managers and sales people.

What is actually listening? The answer of Marc is the following: Whoever is in front of you, whatever he says you give the person the right to say something and you copy this. You take it as a sponge and understand it. When your interlocutor stops then you can give him your view point. Listening without reactions, without thinking or interrupting. Everyone has right to have a view point and right to speak.

Here is the short video with Marc De Turck about bad communication

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