The Main Reason Your Relationship Is Going Down

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The Main Reason Your Relationship Is Going Down

Relationship is going down and you feel the love is destructive. Who is to blame?

Sometimes even communication does not help us in dealing with our partner and family. In every article, course, and every mentor you can hear that communication is the foundation of happy relationships. And this is the truth itself, but before communication there is one essential factor that is responsible for you and your partner not to “melt together”. Why does a relationship collapse? What is the main reason for this?

Everyone had a situations where you start to explain and explain, but instead of gaining understanding, your partner leaves you with the feeling “but I said totally different thing of what he understood”. In this case, people usually summarize the failure of their relationship with the sentence “we were not on the same wave”. That’s right! Well, we’re close to answering the riddle. Not that we blame the wave, but maybe things would have been more bright if you had chosen a partner on your wave.

There must be some parity of intellect and nous between the partners to have a successful relationship or marriage

Partners who are on the same emotional tone level (wave) have a future. But what happens if one is faster, interested in life and cheerful, and the other more sluggish and apathetic? The situation will become intolerable for the quick partner and unhappy and pathetic for the slow. Of course, the apathetic will not perceive the enthusiast’s communication in the same way, and understanding will be very difficult. The purposes and the worldview depends on the emotional tone level too.

There are many easy ways to determine whether the partner or future one is on our level. As there is a way not to be influenced negatively by different emotional tone level of the other and to achieve understanding despite these differences.

Of course there are two more reasons, but the one described here is at the beginning of the real WHY.

What are the ways we have mentioned and what are the solutions, this answer you may receive in the webinar of Monique De Clerk “How to achieve harmony in the relationship

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